Latest Research Strengthens Link Between Genetics and Suicidal Behaviors

This latest research shows that suicide isn’t caused by one single factor or event. Several things have been pointed out in our current prevention strategies, but not until recently have we been exploring the genetic and epigenetic factors behind it.

The following is current research on the link between genetics and suicide. Many will recoil because they will feel guilty. I would say, “Why? Your genes are not your fault.” I would continue to say, “What IS shameful is to bury your head in the sand and pretend that mental health has nothing to do with genes.”

The only way we can combat any aggressive disease is to do research to find the causes, and once we have done this, to search for effective treatments and CURES. (like we have done for Cancer and so many other diseases) We must do the same for diseases of the mind. Please read the following eye-opening research.

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