988 Crisis Response System

Our blog site is a place where we usually share information on genetic research in the area of serious mental health conditions and advocate for increased funding to expand this research so that our future generations might not have to face a mental health crisis ever again. We also talk about much needed mandates for mental health education in our schools. These are still our primary goals.

At this time, I have another urgent plea. This is to write to your legislators and ask that they increase funding for the 988 crisis line which is to go into effect July 16, 2022. There are not enough people at this time to man the phones, so please reach out if you feel that you can help. Also, funding is inadequate to support all of the staff at the call centers at this time. So please let your legislators know you want them to vote for an increase in funding.

To find out more about how you can help, please contact your local AFSP, NAMI or Mental Health America chapters. Help is desperately needed!

As always, please share our Moonshot for Mental Health!


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