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Cells of the Brain | Dana Foundation

Overview | Brain Initiative

The Biology of Emotions | Introduction to Psychology

Brain Gene Expression Profiling of Individuals With Dual Diagnosis Who Died by Suicide

NIMH » Genetic Basis of Mental Disorders Program

The 22q11.2 region regulates presynaptic gene-products linked to schizophrenia | Nature Communications

Genetic Factors and Suicidal Behavior – The Neurobiological Basis of Suicide

Brain Gene Expression Profiling of Individuals With Dual Diagnosis Who Died by Suicide – PubMed (

gene suicide mental 2019 – Search Results – PubMed (

Can an Algorithm Prevent SuiciCan an Algorithm Prevent Suicide?de?

Understanding and predicting suicidality using a combined genomic and clinical risk assessment approach 

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Role of Inflammation in Suicide: From Mechanisms to Treatment

BRAIN Priority Areas

Genome-wide DNA methylation meta-analysis in the brains of suicide completers

Investigation of correlations between DNA methylation, suicidal behavior and aging

GeneSight review – 7 things you should know [SEPTEMBER 2020]

Use of Epigenetic Drugs in Disease: An Overview

(PDF) Understanding the Complex of Suicide in Depression: from Research to Clinics 

(PDF) Differential methylation of enhancer at IGF2 is associated with abnormal dopamine synthesis in major psychosis

Effect of Toll‐like receptor 4 on depressive‐like behaviors induced by chronic social defeat stress

Inflammatory cytokine-associated depression

(PDF) The role of inflammation in suicidal behaviour

Inflammation and Suicidal Behavior | Request PDF

Genomind | Welcome to Smarter Mental Health

A Blood Test For Depression and Bipolar Disorder…/

History of Congressional Appropriations, Fiscal Years 2000 – 2020

Mental Health By the Numbers | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

We shouldn’t be complacent’: Suicide deaths fell during the 2020 pandemic — but what caused the decline?

Cannabis: Patients With Bipolar Should Avoid Use

ABCD Study          (Biomarkers for Suicidality)

NIMH » NAMHC Genomics Workgroup: Research Recommendations Summary

GWAS of Suicide Attempt in Psychiatric Disorders and Association With Major Depression Polygenic Risk Scores | American Journal of Psychiatry

Genetic associations with suicide attempt severity and genetic overlap with major depression | Translational Psychiatry

Latest Research Strengthens Link Between Genetics and Suicidal Behaviors

Frontiers | Suicide in DSM-5: Current Evidence for the Proposed Suicide Behavior Disorder and Other Possible Improvements | Psychiatry

Psychiatric Genetics Begins to Find Its Footing | American Journal of Psychiatry

Dissecting the Shared Genetic Architecture of Suicide Attempt, Psychiatric Disorders, and Known Risk Factors – ScienceDirect

A structural brain network of genetic vulnerability to psychiatric illness | Molecular Psychiatry

New piece in the puzzle linking genes and mental illness – Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Swalwell, Peters & Emmer Introduce Bill to Make Genetic and Genomic Testing More Accessible | Congressman Eric Swalwell

Researchers discover genetic risk factors for childhood OCD

Anxiety Genetics Goes GenomiReseResearchers discover genetic risk factors for childhood OCDarchers discover genetic risk factors for childhood OCDc | American Journal of Psychiatry

Familial risk and heritability of diagnosed borderline personality disorder: a register study of the Swedish population | Molecular Psychiatry

Largest Genetic Study of Suicide Attempts Confirms Genetic Underpinnings That Are Not Driven by Underlying Psychiatric Disorders | Mount Sinai – New York

Thomas Insel, the ‘Nation’s Psychiatrist,’ Takes Stock, With Frustration – The New York Times.

Are There Genetic Risk Factors for Suicide? | AFSP

Genome-wide Association Meta-analysis of Childhood and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms

Genetic Discovery Could Lead to Better Prediction of Suicide Risk Within Families | University of Utah Health

Antidepressants Are Not Associated With Improved Quality of Life in the Long Run – Neuroscience News

Molecular Blood Signature for Suicide in Major Depression:

Ask Dr. Jill: Does Suicide Always Run in Families? | AFSP

Landmark Study Reveals Clearest Genetic Signals Yet for Schizophrenia Risk | Rutgers University

Are mental disorders orphan diseases? – PMC

Multiple Diagnoses Are the Norm With Mental Illness and a New Genetic Study Explains Why – Neuroscience News

Cannabis Use Produces Persistent Cognitive Impairments – Neuroscience News

Allocation of National Institutes of Health Funding by Disease Category in 2008 and 2019 | Health Disparities | JAMA Network Open

Mapping cis-regulatory elements in human neurons links psychiatric disease heritability and activity-regulated transcriptional programs: Cell Reports

Most Male Suicides in Us Show No Link to Mental Health Issues – Neuroscience News

Ask Dr. Jill: Does Mental Illness Play a Role in Suicide?

The 22q11.2 region regulates presynaptic gene-products linked to schizophrenia | Nature Communications

NIMH » Bringing Innovation to the Search for Biomarkers

News: Epigenetic Editing Proves Link Between Epigenome Dysregulation and Neuropsychiatric Disorders – CRISPR Medicine

Microglia in Neurological Diseases: A Road Map to Brain-Disease Dependent-Inflammatory Response

DNA Sequencing Fact SheetDNA Sequencing Fact Sheet

The Recent Progress in Animal Models of Depression – PMC

Genome-wide association analyses identify 44 risk variants and refine the genetic architecture of major depression

Researchers Link Psychosis in Children with CNVs, Urge Genetic Testing

The Search for Mental Health Biomarkers | Washington University ProSPER

Genetics of resilience: Implications from genome-wide association studies and candidate genes of the stress response system in posttraumatic stress disorder and depression

Large Study Reveals PTSD Has Strong Genetic Component Like Other Psychiatric Disorders

A Systematic Review of Genetic Influence on Psychological Resilience – Kosuke Niitsu, Michael J. Rice, Julia F. Houfek, Scott F. Stoltenberg, Kevin A. Kupzyk, Cecilia R. Barron, 2019

The Continuing Decline of Clinical Research on Serious Mental Illnesses at NIMH | Psychiatric Services

Association between variants of MTHFR genes and psychiatric disorders: A meta-analysis – PMC

Association Between Folic Acid Prescription Fills and Suicide Attempts and Intentional Self-harm Among Privately Insured US Adults | Nutrition | JAMA Psychiatry

Vitamin B12, homocysteine, and folic acid in patients suffering from bipolar disorders: Relationship with suicide

Almost 600 Genetic Locations Linked to Antisocial Behavior, Addiction, and More Identified

Identification of potential blood biomarkers associated with suicide in major depressive disorder

Genetic Studies of Mental Illness: Are Children Being Left Behind?

Differential methylation of enhancer at IGF2 is associated with abnormal dopamine synthesis in major psychosis